Our Posadas in Venezuela:

Posada Casa Vieja 1
/ Mérida

Our Posada close to Mérida City at the Sierra Nevada nationalpark

Posada Casa Vieja 2
/ Altamira

Colonial Lodge at the tropical mountain rain forest

Venezuela Reisen
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Tours in venezuela : Playa Puy Puy

Playa Puy Puy – Beach
The Playa Puy Puy Lodge or also called Casa Madera is located in one of most beautiful and untouched beaches of the Caribbean. This unique place is located on the northeastern side of Paria´s peninsula, 40min away from Rio Caribe.

Paria is a region with different ecosystems. In a small area you can find landscapes which contain wet and dry savanna, rain and cloud forest, a tropical agricultural zone as well as untouched Caribbean beaches.

The Pui Pui beach is only 30min away from Playa Medina and it extends along 600mts. This beach is well known because of its sea turtle which comes to deposit its eggs early in the morning. Furthermore because of its high waves, Pui Pui beach is also considered as a surf paradise.

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