Our Posadas in Venezuela:

Posada Casa Vieja 1
/ Mérida

Our Posada close to Mérida City at the Sierra Nevada nationalpark

Posada Casa Vieja 2
/ Altamira

Colonial Lodge at the tropical mountain rain forest

Venezuela Reisen
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Tours in Venezuela : Canaima

Canaima and Salto Angel

 Canaima Nationalpark is famous for its table-top-mountains, called Tepuis in the Pemon Indian language and the landscape of the Guyana Highlands called La Gran Sabana. The biggest Tepui is Auyan Tepui and from there the biggest waterfall in the world Angel Fall – El Salto Angel falls 986m to the Churun river.

Lenght of time: 3 days
Service: Transfer, Guide (sp./eng./germ.)
Price: Rates on request

1. Day: In the morning we’ll fly one hour from Ciudad Bolivar to Canaima. Here we’ll take our boat and drive to the Laguna de Canaima passing different waterfalls until we’ll arrive at our camp on Anatoly island.

2. Day: In the morning we’ll take the boat again and go up for 4 to 5 hours the rivers Carrao und Churun until we’ll arrive at Raton Island. From here we’ll hike for an hour through the jungle to the Angel Fall.
The Angel Fall is almost 1000m high and right there where the water falls down we’ll go swimming. This is an unforgettable moment. From our hammock camp we’ll see the Angel Fall.

3. Day: On the way back we’ll see again the massive tabletop mountains. In the Laguna de Canaima we’ll see the 3 waterfalls Ucaima, Golondrina and Hacha and we’ll have time to go swimming.
In the afternoon we’ll take the plane back to Ciudad Bolivar.

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