Our Posadas in Venezuela:

Posada Casa Vieja 1
/ Mérida

Our Posada close to Mérida City at the Sierra Nevada nationalpark

Posada Casa Vieja 2
/ Altamira

Colonial Lodge at the tropical mountain rain forest

Venezuela Reisen
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Tours from Mérida : Treck Tavesia Gavidia

Treck Tavesia Gavidia

Length of time: 5 days
Fitness: no experience necessary, good health
Service: Transfer, local Guide (spanish.), no experience necessary, good health
Price: Rates on request
1. Day: Gavidia – Los Morritos (6h)
Transfer to Gavidia (3.300 m) along the Paramo villages. Its landscape is featured by the rural Paramo which is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Ascent upon the Paramo of Gavidia (Sierra Nevada National Park) up to the highest spot on this route called Alto de Micarache at 3.640 m.
We get accompanied by mules and mountain farmers. Abstieg nach Los Morritos (3.300 m). Night in a tent.

2. Day: Gavidia – El Carrizal (6h)
From illuminated Paramo to the pristine woods
Travesía in midst of Paramo bushes and Frailejones (unique plants which are adapted to high altitudes) and lovely yellow flowers which grow during the rain period. Descent up to 1.500 m across abundant mountain forests (Arborescent Fern, Bamboo) up to the hamlet of El Carrizal. Lodging at Mucuposada El Carrizal.

3. Day: El Carrizal - San José (6h)
Hike in midst of mountain forests (from 1.500m to 1.400m)
Free morning for enjoying the scenery. Ascent in midst of splendid mountain forests up to the next community. Lodging at Mucuposada San José.

4. Day: San José – Santa María de Canaguá (6h)
Descent across coffee plantations (from 1.400m to 600m)
Descent beginning from San José (1.400m) passing through traditional shadowed coffee plantations in midst of the andean mountain forests, pasture grounds and woods up to the next community of Santa María de Canaguá which is situated at the footing of the Cordillera de Mérida (Sierra Nevada). Lodging at Mucuposada “Los Samanes”.

Day 5: Santa María de Canaguá – Transfer Mérida
Walk to the Curbatí river which allows you to take a refreshing bath followed by a seven-hours transfer to the city of Mérida. 

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