Our Posadas in Venezuela:

Posada Casa Vieja 1
/ Mérida

Our Posada close to Mérida City at the Sierra Nevada nationalpark

Posada Casa Vieja 2
/ Altamira

Colonial Lodge at the tropical mountain rain forest

Venezuela Reisen
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Tours from Mérida: Bird watching

Bird watching

Length of time: 1-7 Days:
Tour development: individuel
Service: after agreement
Price: Rates on request

Bird watching
Venezuela has 1400 bird species. That is even 4 times more than in Europe. Mérida is the starting point to watch lots of different birds. Professional Birdwatchers conduct the tour as guide.

La Azulita: Quetzals, Trogons, Macaws, Parrots, Hummingbirds, Tanagers und up to 5 different Toucans
La Mucuy: endemic Hummingbirds, Andean guan and Antpittas
Páramo: Andean eagle, Hummingbirds, Condors
Valle de Santo Domingo: Tanagers, Trogons, Fruit crows, Andean cock of the rock
Altamira: Manakins, Honeycreeper, Tanagers, Antbirds, Antpittas and Antthrushes
Los Llanos: Bird of prey (25 different species), Herons, Ibis, Spoonbills, Orioles Orinoco Saltator, Ant catcher, endemic Hummingbirds
Gran Sabana and Sierra de Lema,  Tepui endemics, Guianan Cock of the Rock, Bellbirds and Capuchinbird
Sierra de Imataca, Highlight Harpy eagle on nest 
Henry Pitier nationalpark and endemics

For detailed information about Bird watching-Tours, visit our website:             www.birds-venezuela.de
On this website you will find bird lists of Venezuela and find a part of the collection from Joe Klaiber s bird call and song recordings

Amazone La Azulita Venezuela

Tucan La Azulita Venezuela

Fischbussard Los Llanos Venezuela

Oriole Los Llanos Venezuela

Ara La Azulita Venezuela

Loeffler Los Llanos Venezuela

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