Anden Venezuela

Our Posadas in Venezuela:

Posada Casa Vieja 1
/ Mérida

Our Posada close to Mérida City at the Sierra Nevada nationalpark

Posada Casa Vieja 2
/ Altamira

Colonial Lodge at the tropical mountain rain forest

Frailejoenes Paso el Aguila

caiman los llanos venezuela

los llanos venezuela

karibik venezuela

Tafelberg Gran Savana Angel Fall

Tukan Anden Venezuela

Orchidee Anden Venezuela

Venezuela Reisen
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Tours from Mérida in the Andes and Los Llanos



[Los Llanos] Top
Crocodiles, Capybaras, Anteaters, Sweet water dolphins, Anacondas, Piranha fishing, bird paradise
Best wildlife watching in South America !

Lake dwelling constructions, Mangrove vegetation, Howler monkey, Butterflies and the lightning phenomenon

[Pico Bolívar]
Trekking upon the roof of Venezuela at 5007 meters

[Pico Humboldt]
Trekking upon the second highest summit of Venezuela at 4942 meters of altitude.
The Pico Humboldt Trek is a 4 day excursion and usually easier and even more beautiful in nature as the Bolivar Trek.

[Pico Pan de Azúcar]
Trek to the moon, Sierra la Culata

[Los Nevados - Mucunután]
Facile downhill Trekking, ascent with mule, colonial-styled village and splendid nature.
The classic Trek along the Teleferico.

[Tropical Garden] Top
From the high andes to the tropical garden of Venezuela.
We explore between 800 and 4200m altitude the different vegetation from Andean foothill to the high Andes.

[Treck Tavesia Gavidia
From the sunny Paramo descent through jungle and coffe plantations

[andes / los Llanos / maracaibo-see] [gran savana / canaima / orinoco delta] [beaches] /// [day tours casa vieja] [on your own] [mérida]


[Canaima] Top
Auyan Tepui and Angel Falls (the highest waterfall of the world), Grand Savanna Tip

Trek to the highest table mountain of Venezuela’s three country border: Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana

[Orinoco Delta] Top
Rich in wildlife, homeland of the Warao Indians

[andes / los Llanos / maracaibo-see] [gran savana / canaima / orinoco delta] [beaches] /// [day tours casa vieja] [on your own] [mérida]


[Los Roques
Caribbean white sand beaches and turquoise water at los Roques islands

[Choroní] Top
Caribbean beach with lots of coconuts palms

Beach and excursions in the east of Venezuela

[Playa Puy PuyTop
Beach in the east of Venezuela

[andes / los Llanos / maracaibo-see] [gran savana / canaima / orinoco delta] [beaches] /// [day tours casa vieja] [on your own] [mérida]


[Páramo] Top
Colonial Andean towns, Sierra Nevada national park, Mucubají Lake, Condor station, Eagle Pass, Frailejón, hike.  Pure nature !
This is the excursion to get an variable experience of the Venezuelan Andes!

[Coffee and sugarcane plantation]
Colonial town of Jají, Sierra La Culata, cactus canyon, coffee plantation, sugar mill

From 5 hours to 5 days through the Andes, with or without experience. The rides start just behind Posada Casa Vieja

From 1 to 7 days in the Andes and the Llanos

[Paragliding] Top
Tandem flight over a cactus canyon

Rappel downstream in Santa Catalina river canyon


[Hot spring water in Tabay]
Aguas thermals Santa María just 10 minutes from Posada CasaVieja

[Mano Poderosa Trail/Hike]
Hike along crops which are still plough by oxen like 100 years ago just behind our Posada Casa Vieja.

Wonderful hike through subtropical forest (bromeliads, orchid, Spanish moss) to Coromoto Lake

[Cable car up to 5000 meter]
The cable car drive from Mérida’s center up to Espejo Peak (4765mts) from where you can see the highest peak of Venezuela: Bolivar Peak which lies just right in front

[Los Nevados]
Two days tours: Drive with the cable car to Loma Redonda Station (4045 Meter), then hike for about 5 hours to Los Nevados (2900 Meter), stay one night in a simple Posada and drive back to Mérida the next day with a Jeep

[Colonial town of Jají]
You can easily visit a colonial town in the southwest of Mérida. From where you can go for a hike and have an excellent meal

[Colonial town Mucuchies]
by riding a bus for about 45min from Casa Vieja you can reach the most famous colonial town of the Páramo

[Mérida´s Mark]
Mérida has a central mark where you do not only find handcrafts, hammocks, but also a great variety from fruits and vegetables of the region and delicious meals